Innovative solutions for your business.

Simplyfy your life by getting the most suitable solution for you

Innowhack Solutions can provide you from simple IT solutions to industry level automation solutions.

Innowhack Software and Web Solutions

Take your business to the next level by getting a modern website solution or converting your manual business process to computer based system.

Innowhack 2D and 3D Design Solutions

Get a stunning design for your advertising campaign or for your website from us.

Innowhack IOT Solutions

Integrate your macheneries to your system or control them from any place at any time.

Innowhack Factory Automation & Engineering Solutions

Let a robotic arm do your repetetive tasks or get a high quality conveyor belts and other tools from us to makes your process easier.

Who we are

We are a technology company based on Sri Lanka who has set the company vision to deliver innovative top quality products.